Groundwater analysis tools

We've developed several analysis tools to help people assess the effects of groundwater use on the environment.

Well Interference Assessment tool

Our groundwater Well Interference Assessment tool is a web application that allows you to create a PRN file directly from our well and resource consent databases.

Drawdown tool

Our Excel-based drawdown tool calculates pumping-induced drawdown versus time and drawdown versus distance for radial flow to a well under confined or leaky conditions.

It uses the Theis or Hantush-Jacob functions supplied by Dr Bruce Hunt of the University of Canterbury.

Dr Bruce Hunt's tools

Groundwater analysis tools developed by Dr Bruce Hunt(external link) have been published by the University of Canterbury in the hope that others might find them interesting and useful.

The tools may be used and disseminated to other users without charge provided their source is acknowledged and they are not sold for profit.

Stream depletion tools

Version 4

Excel-based analysis of stream depletion effects due to pumping. This workbook incorporates the following solutions.

  • Theis (1935)/Jenkins
  • Hunt (1999)
  • Hunt (2003)
  • Ward-Lough (2011)

Two aquifer system tool

Excel-based analysis of pumping-induced drawdown and volume distribution in a two aquifer system using the Hunt & Scott (2007) solution.


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