Flood Warning


This was posted @ 5-30am Friday, November 9.

As anticipated, the alpine rivers have risen sharply, with the Rakaia peaking @ 4000 cumecs, the Waimakariri 1900, the Hurunui 300, and the Waiau 550 cumecs.

The Clarence was not affected.

The alpine rain has ceased, and these rivers will gradually drop into the weekend.

The Ashburton is flowing @ 100 cumecs at SH1, the North Branch 75, and the South 130 cumecs.

The Selwyn + the Ashley are unaffected. Snow is a factor here.

This will be updated @ 2pm Friday, November 9.

River flow and rainfall information can be found here:




Rangitata River

This message was updated at 2 pm 10 November.

350 mm of rain fell in the upper catchment of the Rangitata River on Thursday and Friday. 

The river flow reached 1800 cumecs at the Klondyke (Gorge) Recorder at 5 am Friday the 9th. The flow stayed at or around this peak for 6 hours. 

The sustained high intensity rainfall means the Rangitata River flow will recede slowly over the next few days. The river had receded to 470 cumecs at the recorder as at 1 pm Saturday. 

As river flows drop, gravel deposition can cause significant changes in river flow patterns. This can create localised erosion and flooding problems including the possibility of flows going down the South Branch of the Rangitata River. Land holders in the area should remain vigilant until flows drop back to normal.    

Environment Canterbury field staff  will continue to monitor key locations on the river throughout this event. 

For the latest river information go to: https://ecan.govt.nz/data/riverflow/?loc=S

For the latest rainfall information go to: https://ecan.govt.nz/data/rainfall-data/?loc=S

This message will only be updated if the situation changes significantly.

Waimakariri River Position Statement

Scheme Performance (9/11/2018)

This was posted @ 11-15 Friday November 9

In response to a number of calls received the following is a statement re the above:

"The Waimakariri River protection system is performing as it is designed to do and we have no problems anywhere from the Gorge to the sea on both sides of the river."