Zone Committee looks to the future

On 11 April 2019 the Environment Canterbury council agreed to notify Plan Change 1 to the Hurunui Waiau River Regional Plan (HWRRP).

Councillor Peter Skelton introduced the plan change and helped it through the council meeting. He made specific reference to, the way the 10% rule came about and the work the zone committee had done to bring parties together and passed on his thanks.

Over the last two and a half years there has been a significant amount of time and energy committed to reaching this point. I cannot express my appreciation enough to all those who have contributed at personal cost – the genuine unsung heroes of our community.

The plan change was notified on 4 May 2019. Find out more about the plan change and make a submission

Zone Committee focus

Rebuilding relationships

The zone committee now wishes to turn its attention to rebuilding relationships fractured during the debates and focus its attention on how to progress on-the-ground environmental, cultural and biodiversity activities in positive partnership with stakeholders.

Braided rivers

The zone committee has made a recommendation regarding its position on braided river management. This position will be posted as soon as possible.

It is important to note that while the BRIDGE project has been halted, the importance of negotiating a pathway forward to manage braided rivers remains – the zone committee is still committed to the development of a community-driven management plan driven by consultation and engagement with adjacent river property owners.

There is currently a High Court appeal seeking to establish what a river bed is. The zone committee considers that given the uncertainty of the Court of Appeal outcome, further development of land could place the landowner at risk.

Find out more about braided rivers in Canterbury. 

Valuing mahinga kai

On a personal note, I am keen to progress the mahinga kai issue, and in particular the access of mana whenua to these sites. I have two properties, one adjacent to the Waiau Uwha River and the other with a stream running through it.

At the 15 April 2019 zone committee meeting I committed the two properties as mahinga kai access sites. I hope other landowners will join me. There are procedural details to be finessed, not least of which are health and safety concerns.

Find out more about mahinga kai.