Monitoring and compliance annual reports

These reports show the types of consents that we monitored, what we found between 1 July 2017–30 June 2018 and our response.  It also shows the incidents that were reported to us, what we found when we investigated, and the action we took as a result.

Protecting the environment is the top priority

The work to protect and improve Canterbury’s rural environment has several parts:

  • Set the necessary nutrient limits across Canterbury via planning rules
  • Promote Good Management Practices (GMP) for farmers
  • Require land-use consent to farm and independent audit (for higher risk activities)
  • Ensure effective and targeted consent compliance monitoring
  • Respond quickly to as many incident reports as possible.

We want to deal with environmental risks before they turn into incidents and cause damage - let’s have a fence at the top of the cliff. This is happening through nutrient limits and the Good Management Programme of continuous improvement on farm.

Monitoring consent compliance and responding to incidents, while necessary and important, are more like the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. They are needed to fix a problem often after the environmental damage has occurred and stop it happening again.

As long as we have consents with conditions we will continue to monitor them to ensure the activity is compliant. But what consents we monitor and how we monitor is changing. We are more focused on monitoring high-risk consents or those consent holders with poor compliance history.

Better technology will improve our ability to monitor activities for compliance without having to do as many physical site visits. We are able to monitor more with fewer resources due to technology such as telemetry for water use data.

Note: These compliance results report on the year ending 30 June 2018 only (there is no trend information). The previous year’s results (year ended June 2017) can be found below to allow comparison.

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Below you can find the complete reports from 2017/18 and 2016/17