Regional Parks Update:

Please note: there are some changes to access to our regional parks. They key points are:

• The strong message from our prime minister is to stay at home.

• We understand that it's important to get out for fresh air and exercise, and the national directive is to do so locally and keep at least two metres away from other people at all times.

• A good rule of thumb is if you live nearby (i.e. walking/cycling distance) then it’s OK to use our tracks for your fresh air/exercise. 

• We can't restrict access to our parks completely, but we are putting in place the measures we can and relying on everyone to do the right thing, in order to keep everyone safe.

• There is no vehicle access, including trail bikes, to all areas of the Waimakariri River Regional Park.

• All toilet facilities are closed.

•The NZMCA camping areas at the Lake Tekapo Regional Park and at The Willows at the Waimakariri River Regional Park are closed.

If you need to contact us, please call 0800 324 636, and ask to speak to the Duty Ranger. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.

The Waimakariri River Regional Park covers 15,000 hectares of river and river's edge land so we've broken it down in to several park areas that cater for activities ranging from mountain biking, picnicking, horse riding, walking, gamebird hunting, fishing and more.

Please check notices and events for the latest information. 

Prior to European settlement the Waimakariri River was a vast and unconstrained braided river that frequently overflowed surrounding land, including through the site of present day Christchurch.

Over the past 150 years, people have worked to contain the mighty river and prevent it from overflowing into Christchurch, and neighbouring towns and properties. The Waimakariri River Regional Park was originally created as a way of managing the Environment Canterbury-owned river protection land along the length of the Waimakariri River.

McLeans Forest

McLeans Forest is a section of the Waimakariri River Regional Park popular with mountain bikers of all ages, walkers and runners