Mayoral Forum

The Canterbury Mayoral Forum comprises the mayors of the 10 territorial authorities in Canterbury and the chair of Environment Canterbury.

Canterbury Mayoral Forum 2013–16.

The Forum is mandated by the Triennial Agreement that local authorities within a region have to enter into by 1 March following local government elections (S.15 of the Local Government Act 2015), and is the primary mechanism to give effect to the Agreement.

The Mayoral Forum is supported by the Chief Executives Forum, the Canterbury Policy Forum and a number of technical working groups. Visit the regional forums website for information about local government collaboration in Canterbury.

During 2015, the Mayoral Forum developed and launched the Canterbury Regional Economic Development Strategy (CREDS). The Forum’s vision is ‘a region making the most of its natural advantages to build a strong, innovative economy with resilient, connected communities and a better quality of life for all’. This vision is being implemented across seven work programmes.

For further information contact the regional forums secretariat: