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Number of passengers using Metrocards

Date: 01 July 2019
Reporting Frequency: Annually
Category: Transport & Urban Development


A continual increase in the number of passengers using Metrocards.


72% of Greater Christchurch passengers and 48% of Timaru passengers used Metrocards in the 2018/2019 year. 

About this goal

Paying by Metrocard speeds up the payment process when boarding the bus, removing the need to handle cash, and helping bus services to run to schedule.

Additionally, paying by Metrocard has added benefits and convenience for passengers.

Why does it matter?

Fares are up to 37.5% cheaper when paying by Metrocard than by cash. Other benefits include unlimited travel when daily or weekly caps are reached, and children under five travel free of charge when accompanied by a fare-paying passenger. Metrocard holders can top-up online, set automatic top-ups, and view their journey history.

What's being done?

We will continue our work to increase the number of passengers paying by Metrocard, by promoting the benefits of using a Metrocard.

The 2019 Metro Users Survey found that the Metrocard is the dominant method of payment, but awareness of the benefits could be improved:

  • 78% of passengers paid for their trip by Metrocard. Trend results indicate that use of Metrocards is increasing.
  • Overall awareness in the sample of the Metrocard being cheaper than a cash fare and the ability to do unlimited transfers within two hours were high.
  • Awareness of other benefits was low, even amongst Metrocard users.
  • Awareness of all benefits was significantly lower amongst passengers using cash.

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