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Home heating subsidy

Date: 01 July 2018
Reporting Frequency: Annually
Category: Air Quality


In Clean Air Zones assistance is available for households to upgrade their home heating.


On track.

About this goal

In 2017/18, we had allowed $650,588 to fund subsidies of clean heating sources for Canterbury’s homes. We actually spent $967,882. We overspent this budget by using some funding allocated for future years, so that we could help Timaru homeowners meet their deadlines for removal of old log burners.

Why does it matter?

Air pollution can be an issue in Canterbury towns and cities, mainly during the coldest months, and while air quality is improving, pollution levels still sometimes exceed national health-based environmental standards.

We understand replacing old log burners with new, cleaner forms of heating can be costly. That’s why we provide financial assistance and support for those who meet certain low-income criteria.

It’s also why we’ve brought in Healthier Homes Canterbury, enabling eligible ratepayers to add the cost of heating, insulation and ventilation improvements to their rates bills and pay it back over nine years.

What's being done?

Helping homeowners to transition to cleaner forms of home heating is an important part of our work programme for reducing emissions. We remind homeowners that they may need to upgrade their wood burner, and we work with wood burner retailers and installers to help them provide appropriate advice.

In Clean Air Zones, where home heating is the biggest contributor to winter air pollution, we work with health boards and local councils as well as directly with householders to provide information on how to burn wood cleanly, alternative sources of heating, and access to funding to cover the cost of upgrading to a warmer, healthier home.

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