The long and the short of it – boosting tuna populations

The Ashburton Water Zone Committee granted funding for a planting project that will enhance the tuna (eel) habitat in Harding Creek.

Tuna have been spotted regularly in the small waterway and it is important to ensure the environment they thrive in is protected.

New Zealand has two species of tuna, the native longfin and the shortfin. Tuna are a good indicator of in-stream health and there are fewer of them today because of the loss of wetland habitats.

The money from the Immediate Steps fund will also help with regenerating native plants and improving biodiversity along the margins of the creek. In an area with less than 10% of the indigenous vegetation remaining it is important to increase and support as much native biodiversity as possible.

The landowner has already undertaken significant other planting projects along the lower section of the creek.

Regenerating native plants and improving biodiversity values is a key priority of the Ashburton Water Zone Committee.

If you know of a local biodiversity project that could benefit from funding, take a look at the funding application checklist and use the online application form to apply.