The Ashburton River Mouth survey is still open

There is still time to have your say on the Ashburton River/Hakatere mouth and tell the Ashburton Zone Team why the area is important to you. The survey closes on 30 January.

The Ashburton Zone Team has begun a project to look at the ecological, cultural and recreational values of the area, and develop a management strategy to protect them.

So far more than 100 online and on-site surveys have been completed and many people have said they frequently return to the river mouth because it is quiet and peaceful.

People also commented on the magnificent views from the mountains, over the river and to the sea and the variety of birdlife that thrives around the area.

Many local fishermen, who were present at the river mouth and talked to staff members, are hoping for improved water quality and higher fish numbers in the future.

Janine Holland, Environment Canterbury’s Ashburton Zone Delivery Lead, says the team is excited by the opportunity to have a closer look at how the community connects with the river mouth.

“After receiving a wide variety of anecdotal feedback on the river mouth over the years it is great to talk directly with local people about their values and concerns for the area.

“Enhancing and protecting areas with high natural values and creating areas that will benefit the community for generations to come is a key priority for the Ashburton Water Zone Committee and this strategy will help deliver this,” she said.

Let us know what you think

The Ashburton zone team would like to invite everyone, who regularly spends time at the Ashburton River mouth, to participate either via this online survey or by talking to one of our staff members. Keep an eye out for the team members who are regularly on both, the north and the south side of the river mouth and have a chat with them.

Once this feedback has been gathered the management strategy will be developed in consultation with river users, rūnanga, landowners, and stakeholders.