Have your say on proposed changes to resource consent application charges

We are inviting submissions on proposed changes to our Fees and Charges Policy. The change will increase the amount we charge for processing resource consent applications.

Who will be affected?

The changes will affect any individuals or organisations applying for resource consents to use or take water, land or coastal resources, or allow discharge of water or wastes into air, water or on to land.

Increase to fully recover costs

The proposed changes will increase hourly charge-out rates for Consents Planners and Senior Consents Planners. This increase will cover the systems, overheads, equipment and staff costs for the time taken to assess and process resource consent applications.

Why change is needed

While we have kept costs for resource consent applications to a minimum for several years, we have now reached the point where the charges for processing are not fully covering the costs and the deficit is being supported by ratepayers.

User pays

The changes we propose would ensure the costs for resource consent applications are met by those who initiate or benefit from the activity. This ‘user-pays’ approach is consistent with our Revenue and Financing Policy.

Make a submission

For more information or to make an online submission visit our web portal.

Submissions are due by 10am Monday 3 August.

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