Meet the Environment Canterbury Youth Rōpu

For over a year, young people and Environment Canterbury have engaged in conversations about how to build a two way relationship between young people and decision makers in Canterbury.

The Youth Engagement and Education Team have worked alongside around 50 young people to identify what would be the best way to work together. Following three hui a group of young people formed a working group (Youth Participation Platform Working Group or YPPWG) with support from the Youth Engagement and Education Team  and funding from Ministry of Youth Development.

Building a two-way relationship

Over a 6 month period the group consulted with young people, Environment Canterbury staff and Councillors and the wider youth sector. Each groups’ voice was given weight and the final decision around the structure and purpose was made by the working group. Recruitment for the group ran in February and March and an independent selection panel chosen by the working group met March 20 to make the final selection. Of 29 applications 15 were selected with one place being held for a member from North Canterbury (still to be nominated).

First Meeting

On Sunday 19 May, 15 young people gathered in the Council Chambers for the first meeting of the Environment Canterbury Youth Rōpu. The Youth Rōpu has been established through a youth-led process to deliver a meaningful way for the young people of Canterbury to engage with decision making at Environment Canterbury. 

Group from Youth Ropu

Bonding and discovering strengths

The group bonded quickly through discovering their strengths and how they can work as a team to set and achieve goals. The Rōpu are now working hard to establish their structure, code of conduct, goals and objectives and a plan on how to deliver on these. The Rōpu have plans to meet fortnightly online and will meet face to face on Sunday afternoons every couple of months.

Meet the Team

The Youth Rōpu have a page on our website to keep people updated and where you can view the committees profiles.