Updated bus routes in place from October 29

Some Metro services are changing, or being discontinued, from Monday 29 October.

Earlier this year, Environment Canterbury consulted on proposed changes for public transport as part of its Long-Term Plan 2018-28, to help address a financial shortfall in the public transport network.

After listening to public feedback throughout the Long-Term Plan process, a final package of changes was agreed. Seven routes are directly affected by the changes: 28, 107, 108, 135, 145, 150 and 535. Anyone who travels on these services is affected by the changes and should check the new timetables, available below, or at metroinfo.co.nz. You can also collect a timetable from the Bus Interchange or by calling Metroinfo on 03 366 88 55.

If you currently use route: Refer to new timetable:
28 28 - From Casebrook to Lyttelton
107 107 - From Styx Mill to Northlands
108 28 - From Casebrook to Lyttelton
135 135 - From New Brighton to The Palms
145 Westmorland, Somerfield, Barrington – 45 - From Westmorland to City
Bromley, Woolston – 155 - From Lyttelton to Eastgate
See also school service 641 - Cashmere High School
150 135 - From New Brighton to The Palms
See also school service 667 - Avonside Girls' High School - Spencerville
535 Rapaki – 28 - From Casebrook to Lyttelton
Lyttelton, Ferrymead, Woolston - 155 - From Lyttelton to Eastgate

Key changes

Among the key changes, routes 135 and 150 will form a new combined route travelling to New Brighton via the new Taiora QEII, retaining the current connection between New Brighton and Burwood Hospital and allowing for more connections across the northeast of Christchurch.

Route 28 will be extended from Papanui to also travel to Bishopdale, Casebrook and Northwood, covering the majority of the area currently covered by the 108. It will also be extended to run three trips from Rapaki to the CBD in the morning and three trips from CBD to Rapaki in the afternoon. The 535 service will no longer operate.

The 107 will be retained but reduced in frequency from half hourly to hourly. 

Route 145 will be renamed as the 45, and will travel from Westmorland to the CBD, via Barrington Mall. It will also take a longer route around Westmorland, providing more residents with access to the service. The current section between St Martins and Eastgate will be discontinued, however, a new shopper service, the 155 will be introduced, to run between Lyttelton and Eastgate via Ferrymead, The Tannery, Woolston, Bromley and Eastgate. The shopper service will run three times a day, Monday to Friday, on a trial basis for 12 months.

The last day of the existing services is Sunday, October 28, with the updated services in place from Monday, October 29.