Young people keen to hear feedback on Youth Rōpu

For the past year, young people and Environment Canterbury have been having conversations about how to build a genuine relationship between young people and decision makers in Canterbury.

A group of young people have formed a working group (Youth Participation Platform Working Group or YPPWG) with support from the Environment Canterbury Youth Engagement and Education Team (YEET) and funding from Ministry of Youth Development.

This has been done to bring to life the aspirations, conversations and ideas that have been developed over the course of two years. So far, the group has engaged the voices of young people, Environment Canterbury staff and Councillors. Each groups’ voice has been given weight and the final decision around the structure and purpose has sat with the working group with support from the YEET.

Have your say

We want your feedback on Environment Canterbury Youth Rōpu (EYR) that has been developed. We want to know what you think about the concept, structure, focus, makeup and recruitment process.

Read the Consultation Document for a brief background, rationale and the framework for the Environment Canterbury Youth Rōpu (EYR).

More information on Environment Canterbury’s Youth Rōpu consultation can be found here.