4. How much will my consent cost?


Resource consent planning and compliance monitoring cost recovery under COVID19

We understand and appreciate the unprecedented circumstances caused by the lockdown restrictions and the impact this may have on the ability of consent holders/applicants to pay on time and in full.

We are continuing to recover costs during lockdown for the services we provide that rely on cost recovery but encourage consent holders/applicants to contact us if they are suffering financial hardship.

The following criteria demonstrates financial hardship:

1. Your business/income has experienced a minimum 30% decline:

  • in actual or predicted revenue over the period of a month, when compared with the same month last year; and
  • that decline is related to COVID-19.

2. You will need to confirm a minimum revenue decline of 30% for any month between January and June 2020, compared to the same month in 2019.

  • Proof can be an actual decline or forecast decline, but needs to be due to COVID-19.
  • For those in business less than a year, comparison can be made to a previous month “that gives the best estimation of the revenue decline related to COVID-19”.

Please contact us on 0800 324 636 or complete our contact us form (using the resource consents option in the enquiries dropdown) if you have a current invoice owing but are unable to meet payment requirements due to any of the factors above.

You will need to provide evidence of your financial hardship. Proof may include financial forecasts , bank statements , GST returns or a successful application by the business to MSD to receive the wage subsidy. We will work with you through a range of options to determine what works best for you.

Please note this position may be reviewed as alert levels reduce.

The consent application process is 100 per cent user-pays. This means you pay for the time spent on your application by staff, plus expenses, which may include distance travelled, scientific reports and/or consultants.

When you apply for a resource consent you will need to pay a fee/deposit to cover processing costs. Additional expenses may be incurred depending on the complexity of the activity you wish to undertake.

Download the document below to see the full list of current resource consent fees and charges.

Fixed application charges (all charges include GST)

Fixed Charges will be the total application cost you pay for these consent types. 

Application TypeFixed charge per application lodged
When payable:Must be paid with application
Install a bore/gallery$583.00
Monitor compliance and complete administration requirements of a bore installation (per bore, maximum of 5 bores charge)$66.13
Certificate of existing use$650.00
Notification of a partial surrender of a resource consent$270.00
Notification of a partial transfer of a water permit or discharge permit$270.00

Initial fixed application charges (all charges include GST)

Consents listed below require an initial fixed application charge because the processing costs can vary significantly between applications. These costs are based on actual processing time and therefore may be subject to additional charges payable on decision of the application OR if processing costs are less than the initial fixed application charge, you may receive a refund.

Application TypeInitial fixed charge per application lodged
When payable:Must be paid with application
Discharge sewage from single domestic on-site wastewater system to land$1,700.00
Discharge dairy effluent to land$2,700.00
Stockpile dairy effluent to ground (when applied for with a discharge of dairy effluent to land)$937.00
Groundwater take$2,950.00
Discharge water from an aquifer test$621.00
Place a swing mooring$575.00
Discharge to air from a domestic pellet burner$345.00
Discharge to air from a small scale burner$1,300.00
Discharge storm water (residential)$2,650.00
Discharge storm water (Industrial)$3,100.00
Take surface water$3,150.00
Consent for other activity$2,350.00
Authorisation to transfer a holders interest in a water permit to another site in the same catchment or aquifer$2,450.00
Authorisation to partially transfer a holders interest in a water permit to another site in the same catchment or aquifer$1,900.00
Change or cancel the conditions of a resource consent for groundwater or surface water$2,150.00
Change or cancel the conditions on a land use consent to install a bore or gallery$287.50
Change or cancel the conditions of any other resource consent$1,200.00
Certificate of compliance $798.75
Notice of a deemed permitted activity$390.00