Meet the team


Captain Jim Dilley

The Harbourmaster is the person appointed by council to undertake the management of maritime related activities. To enable the Harbourmaster to effectively manage navigation of vessels they are empowered to make certain decisions and issue directions requiring vessels or persons undertake certain actions. These powers and responsibilities are set out in the Maritime Transport Act 1994.

The Harbourmaster for Environment Canterbury is Captain Jim Dilley. Jim has a background in the British and New Zealand Merchant Navies and is a keen recreational boatie, owning a sailing yacht, dinghy, kayaks and RIB for diving.

Deputy Harbourmaster

Captain Ian Fox

The Deputy Harbourmaster undertakes the day-to-day function of the Harbourmaster for commercial shipping activities, also ensuring ships comply with legislation and operating procedures. The deputy is appointed with the powers of the Harbourmaster and will undertake that role during periods of leave.

The Deputy Harbourmaster for Environment Canterbury is Captain Ian Fox. Ian has a background in the New Zealand Merchant Navy and is a keen whitewater kayaker and rafter, owning several different boats.

Navigation Safety Officer

Gary Manch

The Navigation Safety Officer undertakes the day-to-day functions related to recreational vessels. This includes ensuring signage, bylaw compliance, safety awareness campaigns and liaison with user groups across the region is maintained. This role is important all year round, but particularly during the busy summer boating period.

The Navigation Safety Officer is Gary Manch. Gary has a strong interest in building community relationships and ensuring our waterways are safe for all users. Gary is a recreational boatie, having spent time in New Zealand and the Solomon Islands on various boats, jet skis, and 14 foot Hobicraft. His other interests are fishing, motorcycling and caravanning.

Moorings Officer

Emma Kinnings

The Moorings Officer manages the placement, use and safety of swing moorings throughout the region. This role balances the needs of all the community in the allocation and use of mooring space. The role also assists in the recreational boating activities.

The Moorings Officer for Environment Canterbury is Emma Kinnings. Emma has worked in coastal resource management and holds a Coastguard Boatmaster certificate. Emma is out on the water at some point on most days.