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Learn more about the Chief Executive and Directors of Environment Canterbury.

Bill Bayfield

Bill Bayfield

Chief Executive

Bill Bayfield is well known for his leadership qualities in matters of water resources and strategic planning for local and central government projects. He describes himself as being someone who relishes a challenge, and has always been involved in leading change in the roles he has taken. Bill is excited about being involved in an organisation that is at the cutting edge of regional government in New Zealand. 

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Kathryn Trought2

Katherine Trought

Strategy and Planning

As the Strategy and Planning Director, Katherine is responsible for providing strong and dynamic leadership of the group, ensuring the organisation has a clear strategic direction with defined priorities and integrated work programmes. The team is also responsible for creating a robust planning framework that enables the Canterbury community to thrive. 

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Miles McConway

Miles McConway

Finance and Corporate Services

Miles looks after the corporate support functions of Environment Canterbury including the enabling technologies we use, the financial resources required and the business support functions that support the delivery parts of our organisation.

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Stefanie Rixecker

Stefanie Rixecker


Stefanie Rixecker became the Director of Science in July 2016.  Stefanie’s leadership strengths have been recognised in the areas of research and science strategy, policy design and organisational leadership.  She has a passion for science integrity and communication, alongside working in active, networked teams to secure solutions to challenging problems. 

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Ecan Nadeine Dommisse high res

Nadeine Dommisse

Chief Operating Officer

Nadeine is responsible for delivering efficient services and outcomes to our regional communities. This includes public transport, zone support, resource consents, compliance, enforcement, biodiversity, biosecurity, river engineering, harbourmaster and regional depots.

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Tafflyn Bradford James

Tafflyn Bradford-James

Director, Communications and Engagement

As Director, Communications and Engagement, Tafflyn leads a team dedicated to informing and engaging the community around the regional council’s responsibilities, including the challenges and opportunities for water management, the relationships between land use and environmental quality, and how poor air quality can be improved.

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