Read Environment Canterbury 2016 Triennial Elections FINAL RESULT.

The Environment Canterbury (Transitional Governance Arrangements) Bill has been passed by Parliament. Under that legislation elections will be held in October for the following electoral issues:

(a) Election of one councillor to represent the South Canterbury Constituency (comprising the areas bounded by the Mackenzie, Timaru and Waimate District Councils and that part of the Waitaki District Council within the Canterbury Region)

(b) Election of one councillor to represent the Mid Canterbury Constituency (comprising the areas bounded by the Ashburton and Selwyn District Councils)

(c) Election of one councillor to represent the North Canterbury Constituency (comprising the areas bounded by the Hurunui, Kaikoura and Waimakariri District Councils)

(d) Election of four councillors, at large, to represent the Christchurch Constituency (comprising the area within the Christchurch City Council boundary). 

Click here to read Environment Canterbury’s pre-Election Report 2016

Representation review

Under the Environment Canterbury (Transitional Governance Arrangements) Act 2016 Council must complete a representation review for the 2019 elections, and return Environment Canterbury to a fully democratically elected Council.  Read more about the current representation arrangements.

2016 candidate election returns and expenses

All candidates for the Environment Canterbury 2016 Triennial Elections must file a return of electoral donations and expenses. The table below includes the returns of each candidate current to 10 February 2017. 

Candidate Election Returns & Expense Form
William Dowle Candidate Return (PDF File, 269.76KB) 
John Foster Candidate Return (PDF File, 136.96KB) 
 Terence Huggins Candidate Return (PDF File, 1.06MB) 
 Steve Lowndes Candidate Return (PDF File, 1.41MB) 
Claire McKay  Candidate Return (PDF File, 2.19MB) 
Craig Pauling  Candidate Return (PDF File, 286.33KB) 
Drucilla Patterson Candidate Return (PDF File, 770.62KB)
 Lan Pham Candidate Return (PDF File, 1.76MB) 
Richard Tindall Candidate Return (PDF File, 973.9KB) 
Cynthia Roberts Candidate Return (PDF File, 1.12MB) 
Rodney Cullinane Candidate Return (PDF File, 508.18KB) 
Peter Scott Candidate Return (PDF File, 523.83KB) 
Nicola Snoyink Candidate Return (PDF File, 1.75MB) 
John Sunckell Candidate Return (PDF File, 392.12KB)