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  • Objective
    a statement of a desired outcome.
  • Officer's Report
    the purpose of an officer’s report is to link separate experts' reports together and provide overview comment on compliance with council policy.
  • Organochlorine pesticides
    Organochlorine pesticides contain chlorine and include DDT, dieldrin and lindane.  These were applied to soils, crops and livestock from the late 1940s until the 1970s.  These are persistent chemicals and as such have the potential to be present in soil for decades.
  • Orthophoto
    an aerial photo that has been transformed by the orthogonal projection, yielding a map that is free of most significant geometric distortions (ERDAS Field Guide 2005).
  • Ortho-rectify
    a form of rectification that corrects for terrain displacement (ERDAS Field Guide 2005).
  • Outcomes
    the impacts on, or consequences for, the community. Environment Canterbury’s Community Plan has included community outcomes which relate to the region as a whole and Environment Canterbury’s outcomes which will result from the operations of Environment Canterbury.