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When a resource consent application is received by the council, we conduct an assessment of its environmental effects. If the environmental effects are more than minor, the resource consent will require public notification under Section 95A of the Resource Management Act.


  • Closing: CRC170833 CRC170945, Hurunui District Council
    Type: Consent Notification

    Resource consent application:      


    Applicant:                    Hurunui District Council                                  

    Address for service:  Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd, Attn: Eoghan O’Neill, PO Box 389, Christchurch 8041



    CRC170833 - Discharge permit to discharge treated wastewater to the Waikari River

    CRC170945 - Resource consent to use land for a community wastewater treatment plant

    The application relates to the use of land for the Waikari wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and the associated discharge of treated wastewater at 161 Weka Pass Road (SH7), Waikari (NZ Topo50 BV24:7608-4411). The discharge to the Waikari River was previously authorised by resource consent CRC052974.

    The WWTP includes a primary treatment pond, a secondary treatment pond and a buffer storage pond. The two treatment ponds are clay lined and the buffer pond is lined with HPDE. The combined surface area of all three ponds is approximately 1.1 ha.


    The applicant proposes to discharge up to 600 cubic metres, at a maximum rate of seven litres per second, of treated wastewater per day into the Waikari River, when conditions are not suitable for the discharge to land.  Discharge of treated wastewater to land is currently authorised by resource consent CRC951961.1.


    A consent duration of 15 years is sought.

    Submissions close no later than 5.00pm on Thursday 17 November 2016.
    A copy of the submission can be served on the Applicant at the address above.

    A copy of the application can be read at:  

Hearing Decisions

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  • 31 August 2016 Canterbury Aggregate Producers Group: The Isaac Construction Company Limited; Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete Limited; Fulton Hogan Limited; Harewood Gravels Limited; Kb Contracting & Quarries Limited; Winstone Aggregates and Road Metals Company Limited (CRC155160, CRC155161, CRC155162, CRC155163, CRC155164, CRC155165, CRC155166, CRC155167, CRC155168 and CRC155469 RMA92033380, RMA92028401, RMA92028406, RMA92028407, RMA92028408 and RMA92028409 RMA92029369, RMA92026181, RMA92008224, RMA92022418, RMA92014177)
    The decision of Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council joint hearing has been released. The decision is to refuse all of the applications sought.
  • 30 August 2016 T W Transport Limited (CRC163501, CRC163505)
    The decision on the hearing of the above resource consents has been released. The Commissioner Mr J Iseli granted consents, subject to conditions, to use land for a composting operation and discharge contaminants including odour to air at 379 Parish Road, Oxford.
  • 27 July 2016 Central Plains Water Limited (CRC164541, RC155704)
    The decision of the joint hearing of the resource consents has been released. The Hearing Commissioners granted consent with conditions, relating to the storage of water; and the construction and maintenance of a water storage pond at the corner of Coxs Road and SH 73, Sheffield.
  • 13 July 2016 Harewood Gravels Company Limited (CRC157162, CRC157163, CRC170287, RMA92030745)
    The decision of the joint hearing has been released. The Commissioners granted consents to relating to the establishment and operation of a gravel quarry and cleanfill operation at 21 Conservators Road, Yaldhurst.
  • 05 July 2016 Offaly Farms Limited (CRC160657, 155117, 165001 )
    The decision of the joint hearing has been released. The Commissioner has granted consent to discharge odour to air from an intensive indoor piggery; to construct piggery effluent treatment ponds and to expand the piggery at Tramway Road, Annat.
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