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When a resource consent application is received by the council, we conduct an assessment of its environmental effects. If the environmental effects are more than minor, the resource consent will require public notification under Section 93 of the Resource Management Act.


  • Closing: CRC132458, CRC142438 Ngai Tahu Forest Estates Ltd
    Type: Consent Notification

    Applicant:        Ngai Tahu Forest Estates Limited
    Address:          C/- Cowie Resource Management Limited, PO Box 583 Christchurch, Attn: Brent Cowie

    CRC132458 to divert, take and use water.

    CRC142438 -  to discharge water to water.

    Ngai Tahu Forest Estates Limited (NTFE) has applied to divert, take, discharge and use water for irrigation, dairy wash down and stock drinking water.

    Up to 5.2 cumecs (5,200 litres per second) of water is proposed to be diverted just below the Leslie Hills bridge at Topo50 BU24:8370-7364 (NZMS 260 N32:9370-3528) on the true right bank of the Waiau River. This is the same location as the existing Amuri Irrigation Company Limited (AICL) diversion point and water will be diverted into the existing settling pond operated and maintained by AICL.

    One cumec (1,000 litres per second) of water is to be diverted from the Waiau River to operate the fish exclusion barrier and fish by-pass and will be discharged back into the river approximately 2.7 kilometres downstream of the diversion point at  Topo50 BU24:8575-7209 (NZMS 260 N32:9575-3374).

    Up to 4.2 cumecs (4,200 litres per second) of water will be taken from the settling pond at Topo50 BU24:8447-7263 (NZMS 260 N32:9447-3428 and conveyed to the NTFE property using an upgraded AICL canal network plus an extension of this canal.

    Up to 0.5 cumecs (500 litres per second) of this water is proposed to be made available for use by land owners adjoining the canal.

    NTFE have applied to use water to irrigate up to 7,000 hectares of their Balmoral property and for dairy wash down and stock water purposes. There will be a buffer of 100-300 metres between any farming activity and the Hurunui River.

    NTFE proposes that the water take of 4.2 cumecs (4,200 litres per second) comprises of “B” permit water. In addition, NTFE proposes to take “A” permit water when it is not being used by its current permit holders.


    A consent duration of 35 years is sought.

    Note: the diverting and taking of water from the Waiau River during times of low flow will at all times be in accordance with the provisions set out in the proposed Hurunui and Waiau River Regional Plan.

    Resource consents relating to the modification of the intake and existing canal network, storage of water and the construction of the new canal will be applied for at a later date.

Hearing Decisions

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  • 21 July 2014 Ngāi Tahu Forest Estates Limited (CRC132458, CRC142438 and CRC144606)
    The decision on the hearing of CRC132458, CRC142438 and CRC144606 has now been released. Commissioners P Rogers and E Christmas have partially granted consent in an amended form to take, divert and use water for irrigation; and a change of land use which may result in the discharge of nitrogen or phosphorus; for the area of land known as the Balmoral Forest, Culverden and subject to conditions.
  • 11 July 2014 Hunter Dairies Limited (CRC143341)
    The decision on the hearing of CRC143341 has been released. Commissioner R Nixon has granted consent for a change of conditions to take and use groundwater near Makikihi.
  • 30 January 2014 Te Runanga o Ngāi Tahu and Canterbury Regional Council (Te Waihora opening) (CRC140366, CRC140367, CRC140368, CRC140371, CRC142019)
    Environment Canterbury, Selwyn District Council, and Christchurch City Council have granted consents to carry out activities associated with the artificial opening and closing of Te Waihora/ Lake Ellesmere to the sea.
  • 21 October 2013 D R McIntyre (CRC121814)
    The decision on the hearing has now been released. The Commissioners have granted consent to discharge dairy effluent onto land and into air derived from a dairy shed located on Twizel-Omarama Road, State Highway 8, Twizel, and is subject to conditions outlined in the decision. The consent has an expiry period of 16 August 2022.
  • 05 August 2013 Hurunui Water Project Waitohi Irrigation (CRC120687, CRC120695, CRC120691, CRC120696, CRC120692, CRC120694, CRC122547, CRC122675, CRC130467)
    The decision on the hearing has now been released. The Commissioners have granted consents to construct and operate a community irrigation scheme with hydro generation capacity to irrigate 58,500 hectares of land in the Hurunui, Waipara and Kowai Catchments for a duration of 35 years subject to conditions outlined in the decision.
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