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When a resource consent application is received by the council, we conduct an assessment of its environmental effects. If the environmental effects are more than minor, the resource consent will require public notification under Section 95A of the Resource Management Act.


  • Closing: Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd - Klondyke Storage Pond
    Type: Consent Notification CRC170651, CRC170652, CRC170653, CRC170654, CRC170655, CRC170656, CRC170657, CRC170658, CRC170659, CRC170660, CRC170661, CRC170662, LUC16/0067

    Applicant:                    Rangitata Diversion Race Management Limited

    Address for service:     C/O Mr Gavin Kemble, Ryder Consulting Limited, PO Box 13009, Tauranga                                  3141. Email:


    The Canterbury Regional Council and Ashburton District Council have received an application from Rangitata Diversion Race Management Limited (RDRML) for a suite of resource consents to construct, maintain and operate a large water storage facility (which could store up to 53 million cubic metres) on the eastern side of the Rangitata River near Klondyke.  The water storage facility will be located adjacent to Montalto Road, at or about map reference Topo50 BY19:6150-4409. The water storage facility is expected to supply water for a variety of purposes. Water from the facility will be made available to existing irrigators (to improve their reliability), and may be made available for additional irrigation (in mid-Canterbury and south Canterbury) as well as for projects such as Targeted Stream Augmentation and Managed Aquifer Recharge.  Resource consent is, however, only being sought for the water storage facility and a series of associated activities (refer below).  The use of the water from the water storage facility will be subject to resource consent applications, or will occur in accordance with existing resource consents.


    In addition, RDRML has sought the resource consent necessary for it to

    1. Take an additional 10 cubic metres per second from the Rangitata River, when the flow exceeds 142.6 cumecs;
    2. Raise the bund height of, and/or widen a reach of the Rangitata Diversion Race canal so it can convey the proposed additional take from the Rangitata River to the proposed water storage facility;
    3. Replace the existing 'BAFF' fish screen with an engineered bund / infiltration gallery, and to construct a new fish return channel;
    4. Construct and operate a white water facility and associated amenities;
    5. ‘Remove' a length of Shepherds Bush Road and re-establish it further to the South;
    6. Make modifications to a series of intersections / the roads on the transportation networks leading to the proposed site of water storage facility;
    7. Establish a six hectare ecological refuge, incorporating a lizard sanctuary, additional terrestrial habitat and wetland habitat on the lower terrace, adjacent to the Rangitata River;
    8. Establish three landscape buffers; and
    9. Construct an emergency spillway / sluicing channel within the banks and bed of the Rangitata River.

     The application includes an assessment of effects.

     The applicant has applied for the following resource consents from:


    Canterbury Regional Council


    CRC170651 – a land use consent for earthworks on the lower terrace, adjacent to the Rangitata River, to create a six hectare ecological refuge comprising of one hectare of lizard habitat, two hectares of native planting and three hectares of constructed wetland. In addition, earthworks are required to construct the gully race, drop structure for the white water course and the river outlet channel.


    CRC170652 – a land use consent for earthworks to construct the 53 million cubic metre storage pond; to upgrade part of the Rangitata Diversion Race (RDR) Canal; and to construct a 460 metre long fish bypass channel.


    CRC170653 – a land use consent to disturb, and to remove vegetation from, the bed of the Rangitata River for the purposes of constructing a sluice outlet and fish bypass channel.


    CRC170654 – a water permit to abstract an additional 10 cumecs from the Rangitata River, when the flows exceed 142.6 cumecs (as measured at Klondyke). The additional abstraction will be used to fill the storage pond and to provide supply to the RDR.


    CRC170655 – a water permit to take and use surface water at a rate not exceeding 0.5 cumecs from the Rangitata Diversion Race canals for construction purposes (i.e. dust suppression).


    CRC170656 – a water permit to take groundwater for dewatering purposes. Dewatering will only be required on the lower terrace where earthworks are being undertaken to create the ecological habitat.


    CRC170657 – a water permit to dam up to 53 million cubic metres of water outside of the riverbed.


    CRC170658 – a discharge permit to discharge dust to air from construction activities.


    CRC170659 – a discharge permit to discharge contaminants to air from the combustion of diesel from a generator during construction.


    CRC170660 – a discharge permit to discharge construction-phase stormwater and dewatering water to land via sediment retention ponds and soakage pits.


    CRC170661 – a discharge permit to discharge water and sediment from the storage pond to the Rangitata River via a sluicing channel / emergency spillway.

    CRC170662 – a discharge permit to temporarily discharge water and sediment in the Rangitata River as a result of the works to be undertaken under resource consent CRC170653.


    A duration of 35 years has been sought for all consents.  A lapse period of 35 years has also been sought for all the consents.


    Ashburton District Council


    LUC16/0067 – a land use consent at 906 Shepherds Bush Road, Ashburton and Klondyke intake area, Klondyke Terrace, Ashburton to construct and operate all of the aforementioned activities on land that is zoned Rural B.  This includes replacement of three bridges, re-alignment of Shepherds Bush Road and carparks, creation of carparks and toilets associated with white water course.


    A lapse period of 35 years has been sought for all the consents.


    Further to this, resource consent is required under the Resource Management (National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health) Regulations 2011 for the disturbance of soil.

    Submissions close not later than 5.00pm Friday 30 September 2016.

     A copy of your submission must be sent to the Applicant at their address for service. Please note that any on-line submission will be automatically sent to the Applicant.

    Copies of the applications received by Environment Canterbury and  Ashburton District Council can be read at the following link:




Hearing Decisions

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  • 31 August 2016 Canterbury Aggregate Producers Group: The Isaac Construction Company Limited; Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete Limited; Fulton Hogan Limited; Harewood Gravels Limited; Kb Contracting & Quarries Limited; Winstone Aggregates and Road Metals Company Limited (CRC155160, CRC155161, CRC155162, CRC155163, CRC155164, CRC155165, CRC155166, CRC155167, CRC155168 and CRC155469 RMA92033380, RMA92028401, RMA92028406, RMA92028407, RMA92028408 and RMA92028409 RMA92029369, RMA92026181, RMA92008224, RMA92022418, RMA92014177)
    The decision of Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council joint hearing has been released. The decision is to refuse all of the applications sought.
  • 30 August 2016 T W Transport Limited (CRC163501, CRC163505)
    The decision on the hearing of the above resource consents has been released. The Commissioner Mr J Iseli granted consents, subject to conditions, to use land for a composting operation and discharge contaminants including odour to air at 379 Parish Road, Oxford.
  • 27 July 2016 Central Plains Water Limited (CRC164541, RC155704)
    The decision of the joint hearing of the resource consents has been released. The Hearing Commissioners granted consent with conditions, relating to the storage of water; and the construction and maintenance of a water storage pond at the corner of Coxs Road and SH 73, Sheffield.
  • 13 July 2016 Harewood Gravels Company Limited (CRC157162, CRC157163, CRC170287, RMA92030745)
    The decision of the joint hearing has been released. The Commissioners granted consents to relating to the establishment and operation of a gravel quarry and cleanfill operation at 21 Conservators Road, Yaldhurst.
  • 05 July 2016 Offaly Farms Limited (CRC160657, 155117, 165001 )
    The decision of the joint hearing has been released. The Commissioner has granted consent to discharge odour to air from an intensive indoor piggery; to construct piggery effluent treatment ponds and to expand the piggery at Tramway Road, Annat.
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