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Upper Waitaki Zone Committee meeting

Published: 13/06/2012 2:37 p.m. 

The Upper Waitaki Zone Committee will meet on Friday, 15 June, at the Mackenzie Country Inn in Twizel.

The committee will start the meeting with an update from its representative on the Regional Committee regarding the consultation on the draft Regional Implementation Programme (RIP) to date, before going on to discuss the progress of its Zone Implementation Programme (ZIP) presentations to councils.

The Upper Waitaki Zone Committee’s ZIP was endorsed by Environment Canterbury Commissioners on 31st May as the basis for the design and realignment of council work and planning programmes for freshwater. The ZIP was endorsed by the Waitaki District Council earlier this week and the Mackenzie District Council received it on the 29th May.

The ZIP was developed following extensive community and stakeholder engagement as well as numerous meetings, briefings and fieldtrips. The ZIP gives effect to the principles and goals set out in the Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS) and includes more than 50 water management recommendations to councils and other organisations.

Next on the agenda the zone committee will receive a presentation on Tekapo water from Opuha Water Limited, with further input from Meridian and Genesis Energy representatives. There has been much talk about the cultural aspects of the mixing of waters and the cost of taking water out of the catchment, the committee feel this presentation and question and answer forum is essential as a part of the ZIPs acknowledgement of its neighbour, the water short Orari Opihi Pareora zone.

The committee will also receive a presentation on Project River Recovery from Chris Woolmore, from the Department of Conservation.

Project River Recovery was established in 1990 to recognise the impacts of hydroelectric development on braided rivers and wetlands. The project, funded through an agreement with Meridian Energy, aims to restore braided river and wetland habitat in the South Island's upper Waitaki Basin for the benefit of its native plants and animals. The work of Project River Recovery includes Intensive weed and predator control, construction of wetlands, as well as research and monitoring programmes.

The committee will finish the meeting with a presentation on Externalities and Impacts of Externalities from Dr Peter Tait of Lincoln University. The Zone Committee members will also discuss its forward work programme for the coming months and set an agenda for its next meeting.


Meeting information:

Upper Waitaki Zone Committee meeting
9:30am, Friday 15 June
Mackenzie Country Inn, Twizel

 Link to agenda

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