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Selwyn-Waihora Zone Committee meeting

Published: 6/08/2012 1:47 p.m. 

The Selwyn-Waihora Zone Committee will meet for its monthly meeting on Tuesday, 7 August, at the Selwyn District Council Offices in Rolleston.

The Zone Committee’s current focus is on developing water quality and quantity limits for the zone. These will become part of a Selwyn-Waihora sub-regional chapter in the new Land and Water Regional Plan, due to become operative in early 2014. The Selwyn-Waihora catchment limits will replace interim regional limits set in the Plan.

At the meeting the zone committee will specifically look at feedback on Scenario “Two plus ‘bolt-ons’” which models the impact of the proposed CPW irrigation scheme along with advanced on-farm nutrient management and advanced lake management.

The committee will reflect on the scenario’s impacts on water quality and other key indicators against its priority outcomes as reflected in the Zone Implementation Programme (ZIP) for water management.

By building the zone committee understanding of the impacts (via scenarios) the committee will be able to make technically and socially informed recommendations on limits. The underpinning assumptions of this scenario are available on the Selwyn and Te Waihora web pages.

At the meeting the committee will also receive a presentation from Robin Wybrow, chairman of Ngai Tahu’s Wairewa Runanga, on its project to develop a permanent opening at Lake Wairewa, in the Banks Peninsula water management zone

The project makes long-term provisions for the construction of a lock, an estuary groyne, canal, and facilities for contact recreation. The proposed canal would flow between Lake Wairewa and Te Waihora / Lake Ellesmere. 

The committee will finish the meeting by looking Environment Canterbury’s work schedule for the implementation Land Use and Water Quality of Biodiversity components of the Selwyn-Waihora ZIP.

The work schedule sets out a selection of achievable outcomes and recommendations which can be actioned over the next 12 months. The Zone Committee will receive regular quarterly progress updates and a new project schedule for Year two will be draw up in 12 months.

The Selwyn-Waihora Zone Committee is a joint committee of the Christchurch City and Selwyn District Councils, and Environment Canterbury. Zone Committee meetings are open to the public to attend.

Meeting information

Selwyn-Waihora Zone Committee meeting
Tuesday, 7 August at 1pm
Selwyn District Council Offices, Norman Kirk Drive, Rolleston

Read the agenda (2 MB)

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