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Environment Canterbury adopts Long Term Plan and strikes rates for 2012-13

Published: 29/06/2012 4:02 p.m. 

Environment Canterbury’s Council adopted the Long Term Plan for 2012-22, including the Annual Plan for the 2012/13 financial year at their meeting on Thursday June 28.

“There were 170 submissions from individuals and organisations on the draft Long Term Plan 2012/22,” says Environment Canterbury Commissioner David Bedford, “Thirty-six of them took the opportunity to present their submission at hearings held in Timaru and Christchurch and the feedback received has been taken into account.

“Our aims of delivering efficient, effective and affordable regional governance are reflected in the rating decisions for 2012/13 and proposed expenditure over the life of the 10 year Long Term Plan. General rates in 2012/13 remain at the same amount as the previous year of $41.276 million. 

“Proposed expenditure by the council for the 2012-2022 period shows a decline prior to any adjustment for inflation being made.

“However, targeted rates have risen to support the council’s high priority activities.  These are collaborative water management and rebuilding passenger transport volumes in Christchurch.

“Sorting out water management in Canterbury and implementing the CWMS was the major task given to commissioners when appointed” explains David Bedford

“The increase in passenger transport funding reflects the need to rebuild Christchurch Metro patronage which was impacted following the February 2011 and subsequent earthquakes.  The increase will fill the revenue gap resulting from lower passenger numbers as the services are rebuilt.

“This includes ongoing work to improve the network to cater better for the needs of passengers and link destinations across the city.

“New user-friendly suburban hubs are also being set up at Papanui, Riccarton, Barrington and Eastgate which will improve the services offered to passengers.”

Overall, targeted rates have been set at $37.571 million, up from $32.835 million in the 2011/12 year. Total Environment Canterbury rates – general plus targeted – have been set at $78.847 million, up from $74.111 million.

The targeted rate for the Canterbury Water Management Strategy will collect $5.69 million, up from $4.07 million in the 2011/12 year.

The targeted rate for passenger transport will rise by $2.9 million to $20.14 million. Submissions were sought due to the large increase, and these showed support for the rejuvenation of the public transport systems.

The biggest part of this increased funding for public transport will come from Christchurch City ratepayers who will contribute $18.63 million, up from $15.9 million in the 2011/12 financial year.

“Environment Canterbury has adopted the same rates relief as Christchurch City Council offering 40 per cent rates remission for residential properties that are unable to be occupied.  Businesses located within the cordoned Red Zone and businesses outside the Red Zone that are unable to be occupied because they are adjacent to dangerous buildings get 30 per cent rates remission.”

Effects on individual property rates

Environment Canterbury tracks the changes in rates from year to year by using a representative property from each of its rating districts, both for urban and rural properties.

This table and more details on rates are available in the agenda paper – see page 46 for property examples.

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